Singher Anda, Liviu and family in Romania -
Passover 2003

We decided again to visit aunt Lidia in Bucarest and celebrate "leil haseder"
the Passover evening with Habad Romania (25$ per person).

Again, it was at Continental Hotel and it was great.

In bucarest there are a few nice parks Cishmigiu, Herastrau, Parkul Tineresc with a small atraction park.

There are a few art museums, the castel of Ceausescu, theatr, circus and great Cafe shops

with great choclates and cakes.

We've been 4 days in Bucarest and 4 days we traveled as Aurel - Liviu's father planned our tour (he's a great guide).

So ....


Curtea De Argesh



On The way
Valea Oltului


Poiana Brasov

Village Museum